Distribute television channels across your network with our flexible, self-contained enterprise platform

TV Server is a rack-mountable hardware appliance that provides instant access to television channels by streaming the signal across your current IP network. TV Server is entirely LAN-based, with no separate infrastructure required.

It is capable of delivering both digital terrestrial and free-to-air satellite channels, allowing your staff, students or customers to watch live or pre-recorded TV for information or entertainment, using any type of screen or device connected to your network.

You’ll be able to automatically record, archive and upload content. The system can be remotely managed and monitored with a simple-to-use web browser interface, or integrated with room control systems. Every model has an integrated network video recorder with a full-featured EPG, allowing users to pick and choose exactly what they want to record.

  • easy, secure way to provide TV content to anyone, anywhere on your network
  • connects directly with your satellite or Freeview antenna, maintaining the highest possible quality picture for every viewer
  • works with Video Library for the storage and delivery of recorded content
  • integrates with your existing network technologies such as Active Directory®
  • reaches the full extent of your LAN or WAN – no need to worry about cable lengths or routing
  • control access to premium subscription content
  • streams as IP multicast, minimising impact on existing LAN users, or RTSP unicast (up to 150 connections)
  • built-in NPVR with fully automated recording
  • transcoding engine allows live recompression to lower bit rates
  • web-based administration interface with remote monitoring (via IPTV Manager desktop)
  • IP-based control, e.g. Crestron®, AMX®