World’s first 4K Lecture Capture unveiled at ISE

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A new 4K Lecture Capture product, the first of its kind in the world, is being unveiled at ISE in Amsterdam this week by UK company Encoded Media.

EM Director Richard Poel said: “As far as we know, we are the first company in the world to release a 4K Lecture Capture product.

“Video Publisher V4 will allow lectures to be recorded in Ultra High Definition, four times the resolution of normal HD, so the learning experience for students watching the videos will be the next best thing to actually being in the room with the teacher.

“Video has been essential in education for quite a few years now, but the 4K element and user-friendliness of this product will take the benefits of video to the next level. It will be fantastic for distance learners or people who can’t make it to a lesson, and it means that the knowledge shared in lectures doesn’t ever have to be lost.”

The product is very easy to use and can be integrated into any room control system. It also sees a dramatic increase in the quality of supporting slides, which can be captured in up to 16K resolution. This makes its application extremely useful not only in education, but also in other fields such as medicine, where image quality is key.

Video Publisher V4 is the latest in EM’s line of Lecture Capture solutions, which are already used daily in universities, schools and companies across the UK. Video Publisher works seamlessly with EM’s Video Library software to allow content to be saved and organised. People can then easily search for and stream the video they need, at any time and to any type of device.

Mr Poel added: “Our products are all about user-friendliness, speed and reliability, and this 4K version is no different. It will definitely help learners feel closer to the action, and make education more accessible and engaging.”

Encoded Media is based near London, and was established in 2003 by a team of highly skilled industry consultants who have worked together at the forefront of streaming media technology since its emergence in the 1990s. All of EM’s solutions are created in house and are customisable to work seamlessly with customers’ existing IT systems.

For more information about how your organisation could benefit from Video Publisher V4 or any other EM product, visit or call 0207 112 8200. For interviews, email