What you need from your ‘corporate YouTube’ – part 2

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Make sure your video platform reflects your organisation’s branding and values.


In part 1, we looked at some of the key elements of the user experience when considering a corporate YouTube (enterprise video) platform. Part 2 explores more in depth the ways a solution can be customised to make sure it achieves your organisation’s goals.

Reflect your unique branding and values

YouTube is always going to look like YouTube – even if you set up a private channel and embed your own logo. Plus, if you’re directing people to YouTube, the perhaps more entertaining elements of it (cat videos, anyone?) will be at the back of their minds, and may even determine where they click next. There are also the ‘watch next’ suggestions, which might lead viewers to videos posted by your competitors or people with negative opinions about your orgnisation.

You want to look for a solution that can be personalised not with just your organisation’s colours and branding, but also a variety of design elements to guide your viewers’ experience. Just like a fully tailored suit will fit your body more comfortably, a fully customised enterprise video platform will vastly improve users’ comfort and familiarity, which means it will be used more, resulting in better results and better value for money.


stats screen

Get instant feedback on who is watching your content, and for how long.

Track viewing

This brings us to trackability. How will you know how successful your content is? You need to be able to track viewing statistics by individual user as well as by country, region and/or office. If you can find out exactly how long content is being watched, to the second, and whether people are skipping around or watching the whole thing, you can quickly gauge the success and reach of your messages.


Integrate with your existing systems

As important as video is, it’s certainly not the only way you communicate with your audience, so a standalone ‘siloed’ video system is not going to serve you well. A good comms strategy requires a multi-faceted approach, so you’ll want an enterprise video product that works seamlessly with the tools you’re already using such as:

  • your intranet
  • sharepoint
  • CPD / FSA / PRA
  • social media

This will allow you to, for example, direct people from a training video to a staff forum where viewers can discuss what they’ve seen.



In Part 2 we’ve examined why an enterprise video solution must be customised, offer detailed viewing stats, and integrate with your existing communications channels. Check out the third and final part of this series in which we’ll look at security and reliability.

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