Simply connect any standard video camera or webcam, and Video Publisher will record the speaker together with whatever they want to show on their computer screen: Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, a web browser, or any open application – even a whole desktop.

No more time wasted digitising, converting, indexing or transferring files. With Encoded Media, it’s all done for you as soon as you click ‘stop’.

Your video and any related content are automatically converted to a bandwidth-friendly format, ready for streaming live or on demand. Video Publisher works perfectly together with our Video Library to provide a complete self-service solution that allows you to create, edit, manage and share your content. Video Library is a video portal system that enables your viewers to search for and watch videos on any type of device via a web browser.


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Video Publisher is part of our Enterprise Video platform. Its one-touch interface simplifies video creation, editing and content management.

Staff or students can create their own content, attach documents, tag keywords, add transcripts or subtitles, manage their own videos, and upload them to your video portal. All without involving your IT department.

Technical parameters and settings can be controlled through profiles. This means non IT-savvy users can create video recordings of a consistently high quality with a single click of a Record button. Alternatively, recording can be controlled centrally through a web interface or integrated into a larger room control system.

Video Publisher also enables anyone to manage their recordings with titling, tagging, indexing and more. Recordings can be uploaded from within Video Publisher to network drives or to your Intranet site for easy sharing with others. Content can be converted into different formats, resized, rotated, etc. – all through a user-friendly interface.

Videos can be chaptered to allow viewers to jump to points of interest in long videos. Users can add chapters either after the event or insert them live during recording. Attachments such as Word documents, diagrams and PDFs can be embedded with recordings, and synchronised slides can be added to run alongside videos during playback.



  • records high quality video, audio and slides with a single click
  • share your company news, corporate initiatives and training faster with no need to involve IT department
  • synchronises visual info such as PowerPoint slides and automatically publishes the content afterwards
  • built-in editing and content managemement streamlines the whole content creation process
  • lightweight enough to run on a standard desktop PC or laptop, so any office or meeting room with a webcam can become an instant TV studio
  • uses standard formats (MP4 or WMV) so recorded content can be watched on any device
  • content can be shared internally via Video Library or to external internet audiences via EM Cloud
  • archive and catalogue existing video assets in any format, such as old VHS tapes and DVDs


System Requirements


Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Processor; Core i5-2300 suggested

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP or better


1 GB RAM; 4 GB suggested

Internal Storage

Drive with 100 MB free space

Video Input

Compatible WDM vid