Now it’s easier to get your latest information in front of the people who need it – whether they are call centre or factory workers, hospital patients or concert-goers. Even people who are off site but need to stay in the loop.

The usual IPTV solution for screen broadcasting, including our own HD Encoder, involves streaming the output of a physical computer as a high bandwidth HD TV channel. However, most information screens or dynamic noticeboards are updated, at most, every few seconds. So in these cases a 60 frames-per-second video screenshot is a huge waste of network bandwidth, especially when the broadcast is going to remote sites or across a large campus.

Instead of sending content as a continuous video stream, Screencast only updates the receiving screens when the source screen changes – saving you bandwidth and money.

Screencast detects when the source screen has been updated and broadcasts this out to your display screens. In between updates the bandwidth usage goes down to virtually nothing (less than 0.5kbit/s). So you only use what you need.

Screencast sends your whole Windows desktop or just selected sections or applications to a wide range of devices across your network. The software can be run on a virtual PC, which removes the need for the physical source PC all together, saving space and power as well as easing the IT department’s workload.

Your display screens can be located not just in the same building, but anywhere in the world. Any device within your organisation, or even employees’ personal devices, can easily receive feeds. So anyone can stay updated in real time, no matter where they are.



  • Broadcasts Windows desktop simultaneously to up to 100 devices
  • Displays on digital signage, mobile devices, IPTV receivers or Windows PCs
  • Runs on physical and virtual PCs with flexible licensing options
  • Requires as little as 0.5Kbps network bandwidth
  • Screen update rate from 150 milliseconds to one hour
  • Runs on Windows XP or later, no admin rights required
  • Maximum 8k resolution


System Requirements

CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Processor; Core i5-2300 suggested

Operating System – Microsoft Windows XP or better

Memory – 2 GB RAM; 4 GB suggested

Internal Storage – Drive with 20 GB free space