Dedicated HD encoder with built-in Network PVR for delivering live and recorded video across your network

A rack mountable hardware appliance used to broadcast local HD feeds such as video cameras, digital signage and computer screens, either as a standalone system or part of a larger TV Server install.

Capable of automated recording, archiving and uploading of content; can be remotely managed and monitored by a simple-to-use web browser interface or integrated with room control systems.

  • easy, secure method of providing video content to anyone, anywhere on the network
  • wide variety of configurations and connections available
  • works with Video Library for the storage and delivery of recorded content
  • integrates with your existing network technologies such as Active Directory®
  • reaches the full extent of your LAN or WAN, with no restriction on cable length or routing
  • control access to premium subscription content
  • streams as IP multicast, minimising impact on existing LAN users, or RTSP unicast (up to 150 connections)
  • built in NPVR with fully automated recording
  • transcoding engine allows live recompression to lower bitrates
  • web-based administration interface with remote monitoring (via IPTV Manager desktop utility)
  • IP-based control for e.g. Crestron®, AMX®