An internal communications platform as flexible as your workforce

We make it easy for anyone to create, edit and share videos securely within their organisation.

Viewers can watch on all types of devices, both live and on demand. Our Enterprise Video Platform is customisable to work seamlessly with your existing network and internal communications channels.

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What will life in your organisation be like with EVP?

Technology now allows people to work anywhere and everywhere. Your employees’ attention is scattered across hundreds of emails, dozens of tasks and a multitude of devices and gadgets. As you know, the best way to get your messages heard and internalised is often the oldest way: simply talking to people. EVP brings the timeless power of talk into the digital age.

No matter where they are, people will feel better informed and engaged with your big-picture goals. Company leaders (or any authorised user) will be empowered to speak directly to all staff or just to specific groups – anytime, anywhere. You’re in complete control of who can see what, so you can shout your big news from the rooftops while keeping your sensitive content safe from prying eyes. 


createCreate rich media recordings

Ever wished you had a video of a meeting or training session to share with colleagues after the fact? Now it’s easy. You can capture all kinds of live events and presentations, complete with all the accompanying slides and handouts. We make our software exceptionally easy to use, so you can focus on your message and your audience – not the technology.


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Whether you’re using a smartphone, a webcam or an HD video camera, our Enterprise Video Platform makes it simple to record and share your content.

Anyone can use it: the comms team, your CEO, a department head, or an office manager. As long as they’re authorised, they can make and share a video with colleagues by simply sitting at a desk and speaking to their chosen audience using a webcam. In a more formal setting, such as an AGM or townhall meeting, a fixed video camera can stream a live feed to authorised screens across the organisation.

From start to finish, the whole process of content creation, editing and sharing requires zero input from IT or other support staff.

You decide who can make videos, and you control the sign-off procedure for publishing them. There’s no cost per use, so safe and secure video communication can become truly embedded in your company’s culture without concern about any ongoing budget issues.


viewAlways see the complete picture

Presentations play complete with synchronised slides or any other on-screen visuals such as web pages or even a computer desktop. Viewers can watch live or on demand using the widest possible range of devices – from digital signage in public areas to PCs, mobiles and tablets. Staff will stay informed and involved, even if they can’t physically be in the same room, or even the same country….

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People working from home can virtually attend meetings, training sessions or announcements – either watching live or catching up at a time convenient for them.

A range of content syncing technology delivers videos to staff in remote locations, even those in parts of the world with very patchy connectivity.

Does your organisation allow staff to use their own personal phones or tablets for work via a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative? If so, your employees will be able to watch content securely on their own phone or iPad.

Help users feel more at home by personalising the look and feel of your Enterprise Video Platform by incorporating your own branding and design elements. Easily edit content, enhance accessibility with subtitles, create tags, attach handouts, insert chapters and much more. Your content is automatically saved into your own easy-to-navigate, searchable Video Library, so your valuable IP is always at your fingertips.


statsAnalyse your audience

You need to know exactly who’s been watching your videos, when, and for how long. It’s easy with Enterprise Video Platform. You instantly get precise, detailed feedback on the reach and effectiveness of your messages.

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Information gleaned from viewing statistics will help you understand your staff. For example, you can compare viewing figures by region, office or department, to find out which groups are most and least engaged with your messages. This will help you develop content with your audience’s preferences in mind, allowing you to better target hard-to-reach groups.

Use analytics for professional development or compliance purposes – for example, to provide evidence that someone has watched a training or health and safety video. You can get customisable reports on individuals to show whether they skipped or repeated any sections. You’ll know exactly what they watched, right down to the second.


controlSecure and controlled

Unlike public web-based video services, Enterprise Video Platform keeps all of your content and intellectual property on your side of the firewall. This provides incredible peace of mind and allows you to use video communication for even the most sensitive of topics. Even within your organisation, you control exactly who can see what.