Easily stream any internal video or broadcast TV

As an educator, you’re the expert on your students and what they need for their best learning experience. The right technology empowers you to easily capture and stream content to enhance lessons in the classroom or at home. Whether it’s your own lecture or a programme that’s been shown on broadcast TV, we make it simple for you to record any video and share it with your students. Our Education Platform is an all-inclusive suite of products which can be tailored to the unique needs and budget of your university or school. 

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Lecture capture is fast and effortless with Video Publisher. Many schools and universities now routinely record lessons to allow students to review them again, or to catch up if they couldn’t attend. In flipped classroom scenarios, students watch a pre-recorded lecture so that they can focus on discussion and collaboration during face-to-face time with teachers. Lecture videos can also prove invaluable for teacher mentoring or self-critiquing purposes. 

Unfortunately many lecture capture solutions are tricky and time-consuming to use, creating more headaches than they solve. Our Education Platform is very different. Set-up is completely automated so that a teacher can start recording a lesson with the touch of a button. Everything else is done automatically for you. So teachers can focus on their teaching – not the technology.

Beyond internally created content, teachers often wish to record TV programmes for students to watch later. For example, a foreign language TV programme to enrich modern foreign language (MFL) lessons. Or an educational documentary or news programme to complement your curriculum. In each case, our TV Server makes it simple to record the shows you need your students to watch. There’s nothing to set up ahead of time. All you have to do is decide what you want to save after it’s been broadcast.


Save and search for all your content

With your own branded Video Library, staff and students will be able to easily find all of your external and internal content n one searchable, easy-to-navigate video portal accessed via your intranet or VLE. 

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TV Server lets you automatically record all of the content from many channels as you want (i.e. blanket coverage). Educators will have a wide selection of timely programmes to pick and choose from, for streaming to any screen or device on campus. Once you have decided which programmes you want to keep, you can save them forever in your Video Library, along with all of your internally produced content. So your staff and students will be able to easily find everything saved in one place.

Our software gives you potentially unlimited storage capacity for your digital content. You’ll be able to archive your lectures, concerts, athletic events, debates, plays, graduations and more – all of those priceless events that are unique to your university or school. Your sense of community, pride and history will grow month after month, year after year, as your virtual showcase expands. Students and faculty will be able to quickly find whatever they want by searching by programme name, teacher, keyword, or even a word in the subtitles.


Watch on any number of devices – on or off campus

Whether your students will be watching in the classroom, at home or on the go, we make it easy for them to find and watch videos in full quality, on any type of device. You control who sees what, and you’ll have instant access to viewing statistics.

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IPTV Manager allows you central or local control of screens across your campus. Now you’ll be able to make the most of the digital signage you already have, for displaying announcements, live or pre-recorded TV, or your own videos. Your whole student body (and their families) can watch events such as plays or graduations even if there’s not enough space for everyone to attend. You can stream an event from your auditorium straight to your classrooms or overflow areas for live viewing, as well as saving it on your system for anyone who wants to watch later.

Educators are in control of who sees what. You can create access tiers for different groups of students so that they only watch the content that’s appropriate and relevant to their studies.

If you choose to use Education Platform for streaming live or on-demand TV to dorms or other residential settings, you can set up automatic time limits to help encourage good study habits, or to reinforce curfews. You can even centrally allow or restrict TV viewing as part of a student incentive scheme.

You’ll also have access to viewing statistics, so you can see who has watched what. For example, you’ll be able to see how many people have watched a lecture, as well as how much and which parts have been skipped. This can help teachers gauge the effectiveness of different parts of their lessons, as well as providing early identification of students who may be less engaged with the curriculum.